Incredible Eggs come to school

8 Apr 2022

Two weeks ago, we got delivered 5 duck eggs and an incubator. We made sure the temperature was right by adding some water for it to humidify the incubator, this helps the eggs to hatch. After 2 days the first ones had started to hatch.

We had an 80% hatch rate and they all survived. We named them Bread, Splash, Peanut and Willow.

They were then put into a hutch which we made sure to always keep clean. We fed them grower’s pellets and gave them clean water. We measured their height and weight daily, along with other data to track their growth. After a few days, we let the ducklings go into a small paddling pool for them to learn how to swim, we made a small island in the middle for them to rest on, after a while we took them out of the pool and helped them dry off with paper towels and then moved back to their hutch, where they rested under their heater. We learnt how to handle and care for them properly. Our favourite part was holding them as they fell asleep in our hands and rested their head against us, it was really relaxing.

At the end, when the ducks had to leave, they went to Karen’s Pets and Ponies, who will be sending us regular updates.