Careers Guidance

Maudsley and Bethlem Hospital School supports all its pupils to better understand the full range of careers opportunities available to them.

We provide an excellent and highly personalised programme of independent advice and guidance delivered by professionals with the relevant skills and experience. Our pupils are provided with support tailored to their unique circumstances which also considers their health and safety in their current short term hospital setting.

The school’s nominated Careers Leader is Philippa Levy.

The Careers Leader in conjunction with the teaching team works closely with our  independent careers advisor, to ensure all pupils have access to independent careers advice where appropriate.

The school’s careers programme is guided by the Gatsby benchmarks (further details of which can be found here.

Our careers programme addresses the 8 standards where these are relevant to the needs of the pupil as follows:

1.  A Stable Careers Programme

    Independent Careers Advisor visits weekly in conjunction with termly themed Careers Days.

2.  Learning From Career And Labour Market Information

     All students in Key Stage 3 and upwards are eligible for at least one meeting with the
     independent careers advisor. The school utilises programmes such as Fast Tomato
     and National Careers Service to support students to identify future career possibilities.

3.  Addressing The Needs Of Each Pupil

     As with aspects of the school experience we provide, the careers programme is tailored
     to meet the unique needs of each student.

4.  Linking Curriculum Learning To Careers

      Where appropriate curriculum learning is linked to careers, particularly in core subjects.

5.  Encounters With Employers And Employees

      A range of partner organisations work with our students and are encouraged to share their
      experiences of their area of expertise with our students to broaden pupils’ horizons.

6.  Experiences Of Workplaces

      Where appropriate students are supported to find work placements or to work with
      organisations such as The Princes Trust to gain insight into the world of work.

7.   Encounters With Further And Higher Education

       Students are offered advice and where suitable experience of further and higher education,
       including attendance to open days or careers fairs.

8.   Personal Guidance

       All students (where appropriate) are offered an individual meeting with an independent
       careers advisor.

Further information can be found in the DfE’s Careers Strategy document

For further information, please contact the Careers Leader at:

Tel: 020 8777 1897