The Mayor of Bromley Visits Our School

11 Mar 2024

We were delighted to have Councillor Mike Botting, the Mayor of Bromley, visit our school on Monday, 11th March. 

The Mayor spent a considerable period of time in the school, during which he:

  • Was interviewed by a group of students about the role of Mayor, what this involves and how the role differs from and complements the role of the London Mayor.   There were plenty of other questions and one pupil won the Headteacher's award for his role as "chief inquisitor"!
  • Met with the school's senior leadership team for a wide-ranging discussion about our hospital school and the wider hospital education sector.
  • Judged an Art competition of works completed by a number of pupils, awarding certificates based on different aspects of artistic accomplishment
  • Met with the wider school staff to have further discussions about the day-to-day work of the school, supporting our pupils.

The school are very grateful for the time taken by Councillor Mike Botting to visit us in his capacity as Mayor of Bromley and a special thank you also goes out to the Mayoral Attendant, Peter, who was on hand to ensure everything went smoothly for all involved. 
It was a great success, and we wish the Mayor all the best for the future.