The Pears Maudsley Centre Update

22 Nov 2023

The Maudsley and Bethlem Hospital school provides highly personalised, specialist education for pupils whilst they are receiving care for a range of mental health and psychiatric conditions.

Our Senior Philanthropy Manager, Seren Bradshaw, recently visited the school and, as key supporters of the school, we wanted to share this report with you.

The Pears Maudsley Centre Update Report

Outstanding education at a challenging time

No child chooses to be in hospital. At a time when you desperately want to fit in, it can be a disruptive and unfamiliar experience. That’s why the Maudsley and Bethlem Hospital School works hard to keep pupils connected to their educational journeys from the moment they arrive.

Rated as Outstanding by OFTSED, the school provides tailored education to children and young people aged 4 -18, who are inpatients or outpatients at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Kent, or the Maudsley Hospital. The staff are dedicated to giving pupils the best possible individual learning experiences, and support in returning to mainstream school or onto work or apprenticeships.

Headteacher, Maarten Crommelin, said:

Moving the school’s Maudsley site over to the Pears Maudsley Centre will offer a truly exceptional physical environment and educational provision that will now match the schools outstanding OFSTED rating. Providing students with significantly improved facilities will no doubt improve their overall learning experience and in turn educational outcomes.

To continue reading, please view The Pears Maudsley Centre Update Report here