Djembe Drumming Workshop

17 Nov 2022

Dia the Senegalese djembe master musician visited the BAU and simultaneously Zoomed into the PICU for a drumming session.

The djembe (meaning “everyone gathered together in peace” from the Bambara language in Mali) is a wooden, animal-skin covered drum which is tuned using a rope. It can be played LOUDLY or delicately depending on which part of the hand hits which part of the skin.

Our young people quickly became immersed in a variety of often funky, sometimes hypnotic rhythms and learned some really quite complex drum patterns.

One young person wrote:

The drumming workshop was an exciting way to learn about the Senegalese drumming known as Djembe drumming which translates into " bringing everyone together in peace". I feel like it did bring us all together on the ward despite our little idiosyncrasies; hearing the eclectic mix of the various drums which, depending on the part of the drum you hit, it gave a different tune and pitch.

As a visual learner, it was great to use technology to see what the instructor was teaching, also considering I am extremely sensitive to sound and had to wear ear defenders, I feel like we were all together in harmony banging on the drums. It was good to release and rather therapeutic. I would like to do it again. The communal area really brightened up with the music and everyone, despite their differences were all drumming to the same tune and appreciating the beauty that is music.

The instructor was patient and that helped everyone get a hang of the drumming. I'm really glad that i got to experience and learn a new culture.

We look forward to Dia coming back for more amazing sessions later this term.